A collaborative vision for a connected future.

The Willow Village plan is consistent with the community planning vision of ConnectMenlo, Menlo Park’s General Plan, and more than four years and thousands of conversations with neighbors and civic leaders. Together, we’ve worked to address tough regional issues like housing supply, affordability, sustainability, and traffic.

We’ve made specific enhancements including a new Main Street and Town Square designed for walking, biking, retail, and social gathering. We’ve balanced jobs and housing onsite, and updated project construction phasing to prioritize key community amenities to commence at the beginning of the first phase and be amongst the first to open.


Years of ongoing community conversation


Open houses, large group community meetings and community briefings with more than 700 residents participating


Small group and 1:1 stakeholder meetings


Local stakeholder endorsements and support, including Belle Haven and Menlo Park region neighbors, business organizations, environmentalists, housing advocacy groups and labor organizations


Survey responses


Of neighbors and community stakeholders providing input



January 1 2014


Connect Menlo process begins, including community conversations about the property that will become Willow Village

January 1 2016


ConnectMenlo General Plan is adopted

March 1 2017


– Original Willow Village Plan Submitted
– Community Meetings 1, 2, 3

November 1 2018


– Planning Commission Study Session
– City Council Study Session

February 1 2019

February 2019

– Willow Village Redesigned, New Plans Submitted to City
– Planning Commission Study Session

March 1 2019

March 2019

Community Meetings 4, 5, 6

May 1 2019

May 2019

City Council Study Session

October 1 2019

October 2019

Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Notice of Preparation

May 1 2020

May 2020

– Willow Village Redesign Announced
– Virtual Stakeholder Meetings Held

January 1 2021

January 2021

Willow Village Design Updates Submitted to City

January 1 2021

January – April 2021

– Community Meetings 7,8,9 (Virtual)
– Belle Haven Stakeholder Meeting

May 1 2021

May 2021

Willow Village Design Updates Submitted to City (includes elevated park and moving community benefits to first phase of construction)

January 1 2022

January 2022

Planning Commission Study Session

December 1 2022

Spring/Summer 2022

– Community Amenities City Council Study
– Draft Environmental Impact Report Published
– Housing Commission Hearing
– Planning Commission Hearing
– City Council Hearing